Church Membership

   Have you become a  member of the church yet?

After you have been coming to our church for a while you may decide that you wish to become a member

  If you really want to become involved – to support the church and attend some of our  really exciting    events, the easiest way is to join!

  Membership runs from January - January there’s a really basic piece of paper to complete – no tricky questions – and then you  pay  just £6.50    for a years membership

  Membership gives you reduced price of entry to many of the great workshops and  outings we arrange.

  The money goes to supporting the church and providing more for our members.

  To get your membership card please just have a chat with the Membership  Secretary.

  Any member of the committee can help you if you have any questions.

 We look forward to welcoming you as a full member!  

Then  if you wish to embrace spiritualism as your religion you can be asked to become a full member

     Membership is open to anyone who is not a member of a religious organisation      which holds beliefs incompatible with the Seven Principles, which are displayed on    ‘About Us’ Page.  

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