The Healing Group

  The Healing group are committed to practicing, love, empathy and understanding.  When a spiritual healer has put you at ease and explained how the healing energies are to be administered, you should feel comfortable for this process to proceed; it is non intrusive. Each person is individual so what can be experienced by one person is not necessarily going to be the same for another, an example of what might be felt is: feeling heat from the hands of the healer , tingling or a release of pent up emotion, ultimately it is letting go. Emotions are strange little things, we tend to hang on to them for fear of offending those we care about, but if they are not released they have to go somewhere. A bit like us not putting things away in our homes, eventually if not cleared away we add to them and things become muddled and so become unmanageable. The healing group is only part of what our Church represents, Healing being the main contributor of the movement, there is a code of practice set in place for the Healers, we also practice within the Law are recognised by the medical profession so everything discussed within the healing area is confidential we always recommend that if a patient is currently receiving medical treatment that this should continue and that we do not promise a cure with our procedure.  

Healings Times

Saturday evenings before Service:   6-30pm to 7-15pm

After Service:   if required

So why not come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself what is available.

Home Healing